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News: The Cosmic Connection

The recent report of the ubiquity of extrasolar planets coupled with the fact that it bodes well for searches for life friendly Earth twins, brought me back to my reading of Carl Sagan's 1966 Intelligent Life In The Universe and later article in Sky & Telescope where he came up with a remarkable number in favor of such.

News: Zombie-hunting assault rifle with chainsaw bayonet

GRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZBOOM! If you're facing a zombie apocalypse, or more run-of-the-mill zombie massacre, grab the first commercially available chainsaw bayonet on a rifle built specifically for zombie slaying - the DoubleStar Zombie-X-AK-47. No price yet, but its less fancy DSC Zombie Slayer predecessor sells for $1,249.99, so expect the Zombie-X to be a bit pricier.

News: Space Porn

The Mars rover Spirit's entire five-year mission, in less than three minutes. It took almost 2000 days for the defunct Spirit rover to travel 4.8 miles across the surface of Mars, but you can re-live its entire journey in 3,418 frames. The ending is a tear-jerker.

News: Zambia's Forgotten Space Program of 1962.

Back in 1962, a Zambian teacher vowed that his country would beat America as the first country to put a man on the moon, and then they would go on to Mars. Unfortunately, his dream never came to fruition. The Zambians worked hard though. His "astronauts" rolled down hills in barrels to get used to traveling through space. They practiced walking on their hands, as their leader - Edward Makuka Nkoloso - assured them that was the only way to get around on the moon. "My spacemen are ready, but we...

News: The Discovery of Dolphin Language

In my early life I was deeply impacted by the work of physician and psychoanalyst John C. Lilly. I still have my dog-eared copies of The Mind of the Dolphin (1967) and Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer (1968). Lilly's work, with dolphins and the development of the sensory deprivation tank, has formed the basis of movies, music and television productions.

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